10 Fascinating Friday Facts

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It’s Friday which means the weekend is here and excitement is in the air. It’s tough to read a full article during a celebratory time like this. Here are a few astounding facts for you to munch on as you kick back and relax.

10. There are approximately 1 billion computers, 2 billion TVs, and 4 billion cell phones in use in the world today.

9. Women somehow blink twice as much as men. Monitoring that statistic must have been fun.

8. Millions of trees are planted by squirrels each year. Thanks guys.

7. Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand 7 to 1. Delicious.

6. Over 2 million e-mails are sent per second, 97% of which is spam. Spam is popular in Hawaii though!

5. The world’s smallest country is Vatican City at .16 square miles.

4. All clams are born male but can later turn into females. Must make for an awkward childhood.

3. QQ International has 100 million more registered users than Facebook. China has a lot of people.

2. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin all grew hemp, though the US Declaration of Independence was not written on hemp paper.

1. The human eye can detect sound, and you actually see with your brain, not your eyes.

You can’t make this stuff up!



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Comments (4)

  • Observer


    Thanks for the break, so is Australia a major exporter of lamb mate?


  • my2cents


    4. “All clams are born male but can later turn into females. Must make for an awkward childhood.”

    Well that could be the answer for many questions in todays confused society.

    I love trivia.


  • Andrew


    Re: #7 – actually, the ration of sheep to peple in Australia is about 1:1. In New Zealand, however, it’s currently about 10:1 – 4.2 million people, and more than 40 million sheep!


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