15 Things That Will Happen Before You Win The Lottery

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With the unfortunate and unexpected news that you didn’t win the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot, here’s a few everyday events that you’ll experience on your way to that glorious day when you finally bring in the big bucks.

15. You will date a supermodel. Ladies, that means you too.

14. You will get eaten alive by an ocean creature.

13. You will lose an arm to a chainsaw. But juggling them seemed so harmless!

12. You’ll get two hole in ones in one round of golf! But you probably still won’t break 100.

11. You’ll die in an airborne terrorist attack. Why didn’t we search his underwear?

10. You’ll find a four leaf clover!

9. You will die from a falling coconut. How did Tom Hanks survive for four years?

8. You will win Olympic Gold, your family and country will be so proud!

7. You will make a trip the ER from a freak pogostick injury.

6. You will die from firework debris, especially when Beldar Conehead is involved.

5. You’ll pick a perfect March Madness bracket.

4. You will get crushed by a vending machine. Was it really worth the dangling bag of chips?

3. You’ll complete your training and become an astronaut.

2. You will give birth to identical quadruplets.

1. Finally, you’ll die one last time, this time by flesh eating bacteria.

You are in line for quite a bit of excitement on your quest to win the lottery jackpot. If you persist and buy 50 tickets per week, you’ll hit it big in 68,000 years! You can’t win if you don’t play.



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  • Kay


    I love guy’s pink underpants! Only 14 more to go and I’m rich, rich I tell you!


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