Affordable Bluetooth Sticker Tracks Your Precious Valuables

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Find yourself losing valuables all over the place?

Florida based start-up StickNFind thinks they’ve found a way to affordably keep tabs on everything important to you.

The company has created a quarter sized sticker that has a built-in, low-energy Bluetooth chip. Coupled with your smart phone, you can figure out where you left your keys, wallet, or baby; up to 20 items at once!

Using FindIt mode, you can pinpoint the exact location of everything you need. With the StickNFind VirtualLeash, you can even set up an alert for when a particular person animal, or object leaves your vicinity.

The sticker comes in number of different styles and colors so it doesn’t stand out too much, and has a range of 100 feet. If you buy in bulk you can get your hands on this technology by March for $14 a pop. If you just want a couple, they’ll cost you about $18 each.

It’s exciting that this type of technology is becoming available to us, but concerning if it’s used for the wrong purposes! Either way StickNFind should make a handy addition to the repertoire.

StickNFind via Indiegogo



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