Airbag Jackets and Vests For Motorcycle and Equestrian Protection

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Getting unexpectedly tossed from a horse or motorcycle is no fun. A company called Safermoto is aiming to cushion your fall with their stylish airbag jackets.

The jackets come in a number of different colors, sizes and styles. The technology is pretty sweet; the jacket tethers to your bike and when the tether is broken, a protective cloud will encompass your body and your neck. Think running on a treadmill but with greater consequences.

These aren’t a one time use deal either, so if you’re the serious rider that’s constantly getting thrown about, all you need to do is replace the CO2 cartridge and the jacket’s ready to rock and roll again. The airbag deploys itself in a quarter second; at the precise point where you’re completely airborne. It’ll deflate and be ready to pack back up just minutes afterwards.

While there’s an airbag backpack out there for skiiers and snowboarders and an airbag helmet for bike riders, this gadget is catered towards another group of extreme athletes, and is actually a lot more affordable (under $500).

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    Very cool, this would be a great gift for the rider in your life, much sleeker than I envisioned, I was wondering if it came in violet and whether activation of the suit would require a trip to the juicer.


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