AnyGlove Liquid Applicant Enables All Glove Wearers To Use Touchscreen Devices

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Whether on the job or on the mountain, many of us have to wear some type of glove to protect or warm our hands. With more and more people getting touchscreen smartphones, this can cause a lot of inconvenience.

While there are special gloves that allow for touchscreen control, they usually don’t match up with the other purposes we need them to serve. A start-up company called AnyGlove has released a liquid applicant onto the market that claims to eliminate these problems forever!

AnyGlove uses cutting-edge polymer chemistry to bond to the textiles of nearly any glove. All you have to do is apply about five drops of the solution and let it dry for three hours at room temperature, or two minutes under a blowdryer.

AnyGlove is water-based, environmentally safe, and non-toxic. The magic liquid was field tested by delivery truck drivers and airline baggage handlers, who handle several hundred packages or pieces of luggage per day. Under extreme usage conditions, the liquid needs to be applied once a week, but in most cases can last much longer.

Interested in trying some out? has AnyGlove liquid magic on sale for $14.99, with a 5 star product rating.

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