Apple Wants To Turn You Into An ATM

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Find yourself needing some cheddar with no bank or ATM in sight?

If Apple has their way, we all may soon have the chance to become walking ATMs.

According to a patent granted to Apple this year, the company wants to build an “ad-hoc cash-dispensing network” built around an app that would open up the pockets of thousands to you instantaneously. The individual giving up the cash would earn a digital cut from Apple, and Apple would take home some moola as well. Everybody wins right?

A built-in rating system would help weed out the defective ATM surrogates, plus the company would have their vital information in the event of an altercation. It’s not farfetched to imagine scenarios where the app could be manipulated; but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

Here’s the abstract from the patent itself:

“An ad-hoc cash-dispensing network that allows users to efficiently exchange cash is provided. The ad-hoc cash-dispensing network includes a cash-dispensing server, a network, and a plurality of client terminals that connect to the cash-dispending server through the network. The user of a client terminal sends a request for cash to the cash-dispensing server. The request for cash includes the location of the client terminal. Based on this location, the cash-dispensing server locates one or more other users that are close/proximate to the requesting user and verifies that at least one of these proximate users is willing and able to provide the requested amount of cash. Following the transfer of cash between the parties, the requesting user’s account is charged for the service while the providing user’s account is credited for the service.”

What are your thoughts on becoming a walking, talking cash dispenser?

USPTO via DVice



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