August Domain Name Sales Report

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It was an incredibly busy month in the domain name aftermarket. The last third of August alone yielded seventy sales in the five figure and above range.

Here’s a few that stood out from the crowd., $165,000- No surprise that this ultra short, super premium domain brought in a hefty ransom. You can count on women all over the globe to be searching for a bra, and is the natural online Mecca. No word yet if the acquiring company plans to open a corresponding site for men., $120,000- Paddle is a catchy, memorable and brandable domain. It looks like the purchaser has big plans for the domain, here’s a quote from them:

“The way we buy digital content online is broken. Hundreds of different stores for different types of content. We’re trying to build a single store, that makes it easy to buy and consume digital content. We’re creating a marketplace that’s fair. Fair for customers. Fair for publishers. Fair for everyone.”, $118,000- was originally registered in 1995 and it’s uncertain who the new owner is. The broadness of the domain can be viewed as both a positive and a negative. We’ll have to wait and see what they actually plan on designing., $55,000- Often times keywords don’t match their TLD, curbing their value. That’s not the case with It’s a match made in heaven, and $55,000 seems to be a steal.

動画.com, $35,069- A hefty price-tag for an IDN or Internationalized Domain Name. The symbols stand for video in japanese. Could the buyer be looking to start a Japanese Youtube?, $25,000- Another keyword that goes great with the TLD. A versatile purchase as MSG encompasses three of my favorite things: messages, Madison Square Garden, and monosodium glutamate!, $16,500- This impenetrable and delicious name has been embedded in our minds since we were kids. It’s surprising that Wonka didn’t own the name. Despite being trademarked in the confectionery realm, the name should hold water with it’s new purpose: an educational site providing a way for teachers and kids to connect and share knowledge online., $15,125- It’s kabazzling to think that a seemingly random term can be sold for the price of a 2012 Fiat, but if the purchasers hold true to their promise of “improving your social gaming experience”, it may be worth the cheddar., $12,600- Apparently panzerspiele or “tank games” are huge in Germany. Just like David Hasseloff.


Courtesy of Baywatch, $10,000- If you hadn’t heard, hyponotizing yourself during child birth is all the rage these days. It’s great for” parents seeking a natural birthing experience with more patient control and less pain than existing methods.” If only the same method could be applied to raising the kids!, $10,500- Edible Arrangements stepped up and dropped ten big ones to grab the short, memorable, and applicable Canadian ccTLD of their brand. The company also acquired in August, according to Mike Berkens of

It’s great to see the internet real estate market booming! Check back next month for some more exciting sales.

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