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Hövding Personal Airbag, Invisible Helmet

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“The Invisible Helmet”

The helmet, despite being a smart wear and crucial for risk takers, is often associated with being uncool and looking funny. What these people don’t realize is that breaking your neck and dying is similarly uncool. Lucky for those unwilling to buckle in, two Swedish designers have come up with a gadget that could revolutionize the head protection industry.

The Automatic Bartender

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automatic bartender machine

If you’ve ever been to a bar, you know that the only thing worse than the overpriced drinks is the struggle to get the bartender’s attention. Everyone has their own theory on what works: bumping people out of the way, waving money around, yelling, or attempting to look sexy. There is no foolproof method to getting a drink at a crowded bar; that is, until now.

Algae That Creates Light While Eating CO2

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algae light

Carbon dioxide molecules have been scientifically proven to trap and retain heat. On Earth, this emulates a greenhouse effect of letting heat energy in, but not out.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most well-known ‘greenhouse gas’, a byproduct of burning fossil fuels such as gasoline, methane and propane. The greater the number of these heat trapping molecules that exist, the more the Earth’s temperatures will continue to rise.

Trees naturally eat carbon dioxide, but on a per tree basis, they don’t consume much, about one ton in their lifetime. In order to keep the number of heat absorbing molecules down, we need more CO2 eaters here on the Earth. French biochemist Pierre Calleja has looked to algae for an innovation to curb this molecular issue.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sir Richard Branson

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unknown facts

When you think of the word entrepreneur, you think of Sir Richard Branson. Branson has re-written the book on diversification. You’d be hardpressed to find a field that Branson doesn’t have his hand in, or hasn’t explored at some point. There’s certainly a lot that can be learned from this visionary man. Astounde did some research and compiled a list of some unknown facts about the Virgin megastar.

Breathing Without Lungs

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oxygen shots

Scientists have perfected a method that allows mammals such as rabbits to live for up to thirty minutes without taking a single breath. They achieved this unbelievable feat by injecting oxygen filled microparticles directly into the blood.

Up until now, we’ve relied on our lungs to oxygenate our blood; this new method uses a syringe to do the same, sustaining life for a length of time unsurpassed in human history.