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The Best WR Prospect Ever?

Written by James Anderssen on . Posted in Sports


“In my 34 years in covering HS & JUCO football on MS Gulf Coast, D’haquille Williams is the most talented WR I have seen.”

“D’haquille Williams was best HS prospect I ever saw with my own eyes. Tulane HC Bob Toledo told me should be a 6 star. “

“Best high school football player I’ve seen. Huge talent.”

Erik Roner Launches Snowmobile Off 800 Foot Cliff

Written by James Anderssen on . Posted in Gadgets, Sports, Technology


Extreme skier Shane McConkey pushed the limits of possibility in big mountain terrain. His passing while attempting a double backflip wingsuit jump was devastating to many in the industry, especially to his protégé Erik Roner.

Erik decided it was time to honor his friend by disposing of Shane’s snowmobile in the only way that made sense: by BASE jumping it off an 800-foot cliff!

Breaking the Universal Speed Limit

Written by James Anderssen on . Posted in Science, Technology

As we grow into this coming age, technology is allowing us the ability to feed the thrills of our imagination unlike ever before. Whether it’s watching automobiles rocket around a track at over two hundred miles an hour or observing a plane pierce through the sound barrier, many of us have an innate desire to push body, mind, and technology to their limits.

One such limit that scientists have been trying to crack for decades is the one set forth by one of the most brilliant minds of all time, Albert Einstein. Through his analysis and mathematical configurations, he concluded that the ultimate speed that could ever be attained was that of light traveling through a vacuum (such as the vacuum of space). His theory presented a barrier that through the laws of physics could never be broken…until now.