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Predictions for the World of Tomorrow

Written by Maria Gomez on . Posted in Science, Social Media, Technology


Courtesy of EWeb4

With hard data and lofty predictions gathered from renowned sources like NASA, MIT and IBM, the BBC has compiled this BBC Future Infographic, outlining some of the most likely and most amazing predictions for the next 150 years.

These 40 projections were made by scientists, journalists, politicians and other influential individuals. Some lead to a utopia, others take us down a dark road to a dystopia. It’s thought-provoking nonetheless.

Ladbrokes, a British betting firm, even gave their odds of each prediction coming true down the line. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Producing Light From Gravity

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Over 20% of the world lacks reliable access to electricity. In third world countries, many individuals rely on kerosene to give them sight in the night. There are numerous problems that arise from the use of kersone, including hazardous fume ingestion that causes lung-cancer and infection, fire risk, CO2 emissions, and finally, kerosene is expensive and can devour up to 20% of a households income.

Researchers Jim Reeves and Martin Riddiford believe that their new gadget, the GravityLight, can alleviate all of these problems.

NASA Unveils New Video of Earth at Night

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We’ve seen jaw-dropping video of global air-traffic, and we’ve learned about a company providing a 24 hour video feed of Earth from space. Now, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is bringing us gorgeous footage of the Earth like we’ve never seen before, lending a whole new perspective to our planet, and the era in which we live.