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Optical Camouflage Removes Blind Spots Forever

Written by Maria Gomez on . Posted in Social Media, Technology


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Objects projected onto your back seat appear exactly as they are.

While a rear view mirrors’ convexity gives us a wide field of view, the sacrifice we make is that these object appear smaller and thus, further away.

While convexity is useful while changing lanes, it’s not so helpful after you’ve knocked someone’s bumper off while parallel parking.

World’s First Perpetual Motion Machine?

Written by Maria Gomez on . Posted in Gadgets, Science, Technology


Can this machine operate forever?

Since at least the 12th century, man has sought to create a perpetual motion machine; a device that would continue working indefinitely without any external source of energy.

A large scientific contingent thinks such a device would violate the laws of thermodynamics, and is thus impossible.

Could it be that as a race, we don’t fully understand the laws of physics and such a device may indeed be possible? What would the ramifications be if we could actually build a perpetually moving device?

The Cardboard Bicycle

Written by Maria Gomez on . Posted in Gadgets, Sports


Bike theft is a major problem.

If you walk around a major city, you may feel like you’re walking through a bicycle ghost town. Wheels and frames are left to rot tethered to street signs and and bike stands.

The resale value of your average bike is too great for a thief to pass up.

Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Gafni has looked to address this issue by creating a bicycle that’s simply too cheap to steal.