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E-Ink Case Gives Your iPhone 5 a Permanent Second Screen

Written by Mark Stevens on . Posted in Gadgets, Social Media, Technology


A customizable, nearly indestructible iPhone 5 case that gives you a tireless second screen on the back of your phone.

Astounde covered the Swiss Army Knife phone case just last week, and it already has some competition for the title of your phone’s bodyguard. The PopSlate E-Ink second screen case can be yours on Indiegogo for $99 right now.

Task One: Swiss Army Knife Phone Case

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Cut steak, chop wood, clip wires and tighten bolts with your smartphone.

Despite our smartphones being a great tool for life and becoming more and more like swiss army knives everyday, they have yet to take that next step into a truly do-it-all, digital and physical device.

With the TaskOne phone case, your smartphone can finally become a real, versatile, functional multi-tool swiss army knife. This may be the coolest phone case ever created.

Wondermade Handcrafted Incredibly Flavored Marshmallows

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“We’re in the business of superior marshmallows.” -Wondermade

Have you tried different flavored marshmallows? Have you even thought of flavored marshmallows? Thanks in part to Kickstarter, a company called Wondermade has brought us the next step in marshmallow evolution: six new amazing flavors guaranteed to spice up your life and make your tastebuds tingle.

Lifetime HIV Vaccine?

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“This may be our best hope for controlling the HIV pandemic.”  -Dr. Marie-Claire Gauduin

Researchers at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have applied for a patent for a one-time administered vaccine they believe will provide a lifetime’s worth of protection against the most commonly transmitted form of HIV.

PhantomX Hexapod Robot in Action

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Astounde covered some amazing robotic animals earlier this year. This definitely evokes some similar memories.

From Trossen Robotics and Interbotix Labs, here’s an assembled Phantom X Hexapod robot kit in action. I just wanted to showcase how truly amazing our technological capabilities have become. While the below video looks to be doctored, I can assure you it’s not. 

Unbelievable Supermaterial: Aerogel A.K.A. Frozen Smoke

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Via DVice

What can support up to 4,000 times it’s own weight, withstand blasts of dynamite, and is used by NASA to collect comet dust?

If you guessed aerogel, you are correct!

Aerogel is one of the cooler synthetic substances that science has to offer. It was actually only invented in 1930, and only came into existence as the result of a bet between two chemists: Samuel Stephens Kistler and Charles Learned.

Making an iPad

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Courtesy of Uber Phones

While most of us own some kind of iProduct and receive a seemingly endless amount of joy from them, seldom do we offer a second thought to the production process required to make such a magical device a reality.

There’s a popular notion that the entire device is made by machines, but that’s not the case, as you’ll see below. A Taiwanese electronics company you may or may not have heard of, Foxconn, is responsible for the production and assembly of the iPads, iPods and iPhones that have come to dominate our daily lives.

Here’s a quick look inside the Foxconn factory in China, one that employs over 200,000 people!