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Music Top 11: Pajama Party Piano Jams

Written by Shelby Trueax on . Posted in Music, Social Media


Whether you’re snuggled up with a mug of hot cider on a blizzarding evening, or dancing around the living room in your underwear, these tunes are some of the best late night listens of all time. And again, there’s a little something for everyone here featuring the most timeless, versatile instrument of all time: the piano. We’ll start off with a bang and then mellow out with some slowjams.

Music Top 11: The Sampler (A Little Something for Everyone)

Written by Shelby Trueax on . Posted in Music, Social Media


Ryan Adams, Image credit: Robert Maxwell

Hi I’m Shelby! I love music. Let me preface by saying that I am not a musician, expert, or professional of any kind; I’m just a college kid with a passion for good tunes and good times.

The “Top 11 Playlists” are a collection of some of my personal favorites, in no particular order, to correspond with the theme of the week. There will be an eclectic mix including everything from Miles Davis to Jay-Z. Hope you like! Throw me some comments if you have any feedback. Special thanks to Astounde for hosting.