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automatic bartender machine

If you’ve ever been to a bar, you know that the only thing worse than the overpriced drinks is the struggle to get the bartender’s attention. Everyone has their own theory on what works: bumping people out of the way, waving money around, yelling, or attempting to look sexy. There is no foolproof method to getting a drink at a crowded bar; that is, until now.

Drinking is a worldwide sport, so it is no surprise that companies the world over are tinkering with the design of the automated bartender. Each machine will be stocked with chilled bottles of hard liquor, wine, and even beer. A touch screen will allow customers to customize their order, and pay on the spot. ID’s would be scanned to prevent fake ID’s and underage drinking. Perfect drinks are dispensed in seconds.

This technology has already been implemented in a few select locations worldwide. It will be interesting to see how the installation of these machines changes the atmosphere of a bar. One would imagine they would make for quite the conversation piece, while lowering wait times and in turn, the tension of the environment. There could be a section designed specifically for the e-bartender, or there could be one built in to each and every table.

auto bartender

Professional bartenders may not be excited to hear about this, but it’s easy to see the mutual benefits for both the business and the consumer. Controlling costs has plagued late night businesses serving alcohol forever. One employee will always make a particular drink a little differently than another, not to mention the issue of tip-seeking bartenders hooking their customers up with a little extra splash. Business owners will, for the first time ever, be able to control exactly how much of their product is being dispensed. With the auto-bartender, businesses can expect to see an increase in profits, and a decrease in the number of free drinks on the company’s tab.

From a consumer standpoint, these machines will eliminate the drink that is too strong or too weak. Engineers envision an adjustable on-screen sliding tab that could select between minimal or maximum amounts of various ingredients. The price paid by the consumer could even be altered accordingly due to a lack of, or increase of an expensive ingredient. It’s not hard to imagine a feature that would monitor how much alcohol a consumer has purchased, and cut off that ID for the night. An automated bartender could link to wi-fi as well, allowing for a taxi to be called for the group.

Will the automation of everything from banking, to shopping, to eating and drinking have an adverse effect on the job market? If our products are made by machines and delivered by machines, where will humans fit in? What long-term implications can you see a device like this having on the world? Can you think of any other facets of life you’d like to see automated?



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  • Juanito


    Automated bartender not as sexy as woman bartender :/


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