Backpack With Built-In Nitrogen Airbag Saves You From Avalanches

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The North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack enhances backcountry protection and prevents burial with a 95% success rate.

Each year, thousands of outdoorsmen and women are affected by avalanches, with over 100 dying every single year. Not only that, these natural disasters take an economic toll, with preventative measures and search and rescue campaigns tallying nearly $28 million worldwide per year.

In the same way the inflatable wetsuit is saving big wave surfers from their untimely demise, the North Face’s ABS Airbag Pack is bringing peace of mind to the mountain. Listed at $1,179, the backpack combines a slim profile at only 6.5 lbs. with a nice storage capacity at nearly 1,500 cubic inches and features a built in system for carrying skis and snowboards. The easily deployable design will keep you at the top of avalanches and is built to give max visibility to search and rescue crews if you’re still encased.

North Face partnered with ABS, who makes most of the airbags in our vehicles, to make this ground-breaking idea a reality. The pack is an intricate blend of functionality and style, and is reusable as many times as you need to boot.

For those just seeking maximum protection, the team also built a vest that’ll help you stay above the snow when you need to most. What do you think of the idea? Have you used the ABS Avalanche Pack yet?

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