The Top 100 Jeremy Lin Puns

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If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Lin yet then you clearly aren’t a sports fan. This 23 year old Asian-American rookie out of Harvard has become the first mega-sensation of 2012. From being cut by two teams, to living on his brother’s couch, to scoring 38 points in a primetime game against Kobe Bryant’s Lakers, this guy has been on a wild rollercoaster ride. Similar to Tebowing with a little Chuck Norris flair, people are getting creative with Mr. Lin by altering his name and dreaming up fables about his life.

Even though Lakers forward Metta World Peace thinks Lin needs to get more ‘swag’, Linsanity is undeniably a worldwide phenomenon. People have already bought every Jeremy Lin domain name you can imagine with the hopes of cashing in on the excitement. The spirit is very contagious, some might even say Lintagious (terrible). We at Astounde decided to put our brains together, have some pun, and create the ultimate Jeremy Lin word collection. Hope you enjoy it!

Jeremy Lin Knicks

100. Linvestment Banker
99. Lin Streak
98. L.I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T
97. Linnabon
96. The Adventures of Rin Tin Lin
95. Lindex Cards
94. Linematography
93. Jay Lino
92. Linfectious Personality
91. I’m All Lin
90. Lindsor Knot
89. Take It On The Lin
88. To Linfinity And Beyond
87. LIN Number
86. Electrical Lingineer
85. Linter Park
84. Lin and Tonic
83. High Speed Linternet
82. Lin The Hole
81. Teenage Mutant Linja Turtles
80. Lin Guards
79. Linstigator
78. Through Thick and Lin
77. Linedine Zidane
76. Linseng & Ginkgo
75. Lindianapolis Colts
74. Artificial Lintelligence
73. Linterracial Marriage
72. TV Linner
71. Bill Linton
70. Lins And Needles
69. Lindow Shopping
68. Linconceivable
67. Linnepeg Jets
66. Linside Out
65. Red Roof Lin
64. Lin Cup
63. WatermeLin
62. MiLinium Falcon
61. Lin Your Face
60. Next Of Lin
59. Lin There Done That
58. Lin Mints
57. Seven Deadly Lins
56. Lin And Bear It
55. Linjury Report
54. Linonyms and Antonyms
53. Just Lin Baby
52. Linternal Bleeding
51. Huckleberry Lin
50. Lincest
49. Recycling Lin
48. Linsulin Injection
47. White Linfandel
46. Lin Diesel
45. Super Lintendent Chalmers
44. Minnesota Lins
43. Linn Dixie
42. Linterest
41. All I do is Lin
40. Wheat Lins
39. Lin The Bottle
38. Lin City
37. Linge Drinking
36. Linger Ale
35. Lineagar and Oil
34. Lincinerator
33. Beverly Hill Linja
32. Linemax
31. Linterrogator
30. Red Wine Linagrette
29. Lindle Fire
28. Linimum Wage
27. Lindoor Plumbing
26. Lintendo 64
24. The OLinpic Games
24. Lou Al Lindor
23. Shit Eating Lin
22. Linduism
21. Linderella Man
20. Lindergarten Cop
19. Lin The Tail on the Donkey
18. Cedric the Lintertainer
17. Lincess Peach
16. Siamese Lins
15. Kate UpLin
14. Linnebago
13. Jesus Died For Your Lins
12. Lince Vaughn
11. Irritable Bowel Lindrome

10. John Linnon- Imagine all the championships.

9. Linnie The Pooh- I’m here to stay, Honey.

8. The Little Lingine That Could- I think I can…coexist with Carmelo.

7. Linsane Clown Posse- Knicks fans have a reason to paint their faces again.

6. El Liño- It’s spanish for…the Liño.

5. Linternational Man of Mystery- Groovy baby, yeaahaaa.

4. Lin & Out Burger- I’ll take a Triple Double, Animal Style.

3. Lindiana Jones- The Knicks. Why did it have to be the Knicks?

2. The Most Linteresting Man in the World- I don’t always play basketball, but when I do, I prefer point guard.

1. Lin and Juice- Haaar-vard… with my mind on my studies and my studies on my mind.

Any names you love? See something out of place? Find a gem that we missed? If you’ve got any good names or banter to add, hit us up with them below.



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