Billboards Produce Potable Water From Air in Arid Climates

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Remember the water bottle that filled itself from the air using hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces?

Now, brilliant minds from the University of Engineering and Technology in Peru have deployed a functional billboard that absorbs water from the humid climate, filters it, and instantly makes it available to the locals for drinking, cooking and dumping on their heads.

The goal is obviously to get these bad boys in as many water-needy cities as possible. The idea could probably be funded by ads in every city.

In this Peruvian example, local ad agency Mayo DraftFCB built this to inspire engineers to apply for admission to the University of Engineering and Technology.

The current model is built-in with an air filter, condenser, carbon filter and cold tank and can produce 25 gallons per day!

UTEC Peru via High T3ch



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