Blind Man Gets Behind the Wheel

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blind man gets behind the wheel

There are over 40 million blind people in the world. Individuals without sight are forced to hire orientation and mobility specialists to help them move around town. Some common techniques include devising consistent and familiar routes, using a walking cane, and obtaining a specially trained seeing eye dog. Similarly, phone apps have been designed that give the blind detailed directions to navigate around town. All of these alternatives are great, but the one common denominator is the slow rate of speed at which a visually impaired human beings must travel alone. Amazingly, though, a major breakthrough in this field is on the horizon.

You may recall our article regarding the Autonomous car being developed by, among others, Google and Audi. This technology took another incredible step today as, for the first time ever, a man lacking the gift of sight, successfully ‘drove’ a car. We have posted the video from Google’s website below.

If you haven’t read the article about the future of the self-driving car, you can check it out here. It’s hard to really appreciate just how amazing some of the things we’re accomplishing today truly are.



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    This is something truly remarkable and useful! Think of all the people who have to fit taking their elderly relations to the market or doctor etc. into an already hectic schedule. Now they can meet them somewhere. The visually impaired person’s social life will no longer be ruled by the need for a lift. I bet this will result in improved emotional well-being as the persons independence is restored. And…it can serve as entertainment for sighted passengers as they gasp and cringe in anticipation of an accident given the driver is not actually piloting the vehicle, fun stuff!


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