Canon Camera Lens Can Zoom In 32 Miles

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Do you own an SLR camera (single-lens reflex) and wish you could zoom in just a little bit more for that perfect shot? If so, the Canon 5200mm Prime Lens may be for you.

Being one of only three in the world and with the last one having sold for nearly $50,000, such an attachment won’t come easy. If you can get your hands on one, you’ll wield an uncanny amount of photographic power.

This 220 pound behemoth will attach to any Canon SLR body with a standard EF mount! It’s the most powerful prime lens ever created, and it’s level of magnification is akin to a space telescope; in fact, it’s roughly 1/10th that of the Hubble!

The Canon 5200mm Prime Lens is perfect for people of all walks of life: paparazzi, spies, creeps and space photographers. With this special lens, you can zoom in from 32 miles away! Just make sure you’re at least 1.3 football fields away from your target, otherwise you’ll be too close.

Here’s a video simulation of the technology at work (unfortunately this was not taken by the actual lens).

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