Bitcoin Central Digital Currency Exchange Approved To Operate As a Bank

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The popular European Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin Central, has garnered approval from financial regulators to operate as a bank (PSP) under French law, legitimizing the currency in many circles.

This comes not even a month after respected global publishing platform WordPress announced they’d be accepting Bitcoin as a payment for its sites services.

Bitcoin: Global Currency of the Future?

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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that’s dramatically shaking up the way goods and services are exchanged on the global stage.

Bitcoin is an experimental form of global currency that was formed in 2008 by an anonymous cryptographer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is the most unique form of currency in the world; it’s based on a peer-to-peer system with no central authority to issue new money or track individual transactions. Instead, the collective network of Bitcoin traders themselves manage the network.

Pogoseat In-Game App Upgrades You From Nosebleeds To Courtside

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New app lets fans get the prime seats they want, provides teams with a new revenue stream, and fills in the empty seats that TV cameras see.

Even at marquee events such as the World Series, circumstances happen where people are unable to attend, leaving hundreds of prime seats unoccupied. In fact, between the four major sports leagues, there are around 71 million seats that go empty every single year! You know that prime seat isn’t getting used, so why isn’t there a way to fill it up?

Legal Steroids: Rapid Thermal Exchange Cooling Glove

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“Equal to or substantially better than steroids, and it’s not illegal.” -Stanford’s Dr. H. Craig Heller

With humongous salaries, countless endorsements and the idolization of the masses, more and more athletes are becoming open to the idea of taking steroids to improve their on-field performance.

What we’re learning about the effects of performance enhancing drugs on the body are devastating: hormonal, cardiovascular and neurological issues and even worse.

Biologists at Stanford University are on the cusp of a breakthrough device, a cooling glove, that will help athletes exceed their peak performance levels in a unique but completely healthy manner.

Wondermade Handcrafted Incredibly Flavored Marshmallows

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“We’re in the business of superior marshmallows.” -Wondermade

Have you tried different flavored marshmallows? Have you even thought of flavored marshmallows? Thanks in part to Kickstarter, a company called Wondermade has brought us the next step in marshmallow evolution: six new amazing flavors guaranteed to spice up your life and make your tastebuds tingle.

Near-Instant Universal Translator Taking Shape

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How close are we to breaking down global language barriers? Microsoft researchers demonstrate that we’re closer than anyone could’ve imagined.

For the last 60 years, computer scientists have been working tirelessly to build systems that can genuinely understand what a person says when they talk. The most primitive of techniques involved simple pattern matching, which was flawed by the fact that various people said the same things differently, and even one particular individual could enunciate or speak the same phrase in a multitude of ways.

We saw modest improvements over the years, but nothing truly significant until two years ago, when Microsoft engineers working with the University of Toronto implemented a technique called Deep Neural Networks that more dramatically mimicked the speech recognition and translation process the human brain goes through.

New $2.95 Domain Name GoDaddy Promo Code

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For half the price of an unfulfilling lunch, you can own any .com domain name (that is currently unregistered) in the world!

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