In All-Time Largest Sports Domain Name Sale, Sells For $1.2 Million

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Astounde had the privilege to speak to Rockies owner Dick Monfort in mid-2012, and we asked Mr. Monfort why the Rockies were one of only five MLB team that didn’t own the .com of their team name.

Mr. Monfort informed us that it wasn’t up to him, that Major League Baseball owned all of the league’s internet properties, including, and it would be up to them to acquire it. Now, six months later, they finally have.

The Solar Powered Snowboard

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When you’re shreddin’ some fresh pow and jammin’ out to some dope tunes on the mountain, the cold seems to drain your phone’s energy quicker than usual.

Instead of having to call it an early day, Signal Snowboards has teamed up with Powerfilm Solar to bring us the world’s first solar powered snowboard!

Pogoseat In-Game App Upgrades You From Nosebleeds To Courtside

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Image Credit: Top Buzz

New app lets fans get the prime seats they want, provides teams with a new revenue stream, and fills in the empty seats that TV cameras see.

Even at marquee events such as the World Series, circumstances happen where people are unable to attend, leaving hundreds of prime seats unoccupied. In fact, between the four major sports leagues, there are around 71 million seats that go empty every single year! You know that prime seat isn’t getting used, so why isn’t there a way to fill it up?

Backpack With Built-In Nitrogen Airbag Saves You From Avalanches

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The North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack enhances backcountry protection and prevents burial with a 95% success rate.

Each year, thousands of outdoorsmen and women are affected by avalanches, with over 100 dying every single year. Not only that, these natural disasters take an economic toll, with preventative measures and search and rescue campaigns tallying nearly $28 million worldwide per year.

Task One: Swiss Army Knife Phone Case

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Cut steak, chop wood, clip wires and tighten bolts with your smartphone.

Despite our smartphones being a great tool for life and becoming more and more like swiss army knives everyday, they have yet to take that next step into a truly do-it-all, digital and physical device.

With the TaskOne phone case, your smartphone can finally become a real, versatile, functional multi-tool swiss army knife. This may be the coolest phone case ever created.