Tesla Motors Electric Future Cars

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Tesla Motors is garnering national attention and notoriety as a game changer in the auto industry.

tesla interior

The company is named after renowned electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla and based off of his original ideas from 1882! Tesla’s competitive advantage is their lithium-ion battery cells, of which they are the first in the world to bring into reality. In 2009, GM Vice-Chairmain Robert Lutz said in the New Yorker, “All the geniuses here at General Motors kept saying lithium-ion technology is 10 years away, and Toyota agreed with us — and boom, along comes Tesla.”

Night Boarding

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Just a cool video for you to check out. If you’ve never been night skiing, bundle up and check it out, it pretty serene. This video takes things a step further, almost to an art form.

The Top 100 Jeremy Lin Puns

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If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Lin yet then you clearly aren’t a sports fan. This 23 year old Asian-American rookie out of Harvard has become the first mega-sensation of 2012. From being cut by two teams, to living on his brother’s couch, to scoring 38 points in a primetime game against Kobe Bryant’s Lakers, this guy has been on a wild rollercoaster ride. Similar to Tebowing with a little Chuck Norris flair, people are getting creative with Mr. Lin by altering his name and dreaming up fables about his life.

Even though Lakers forward Metta World Peace thinks Lin needs to get more ‘swag’, Linsanity is undeniably a worldwide phenomenon. People have already bought every Jeremy Lin domain name you can imagine with the hopes of cashing in on the excitement. The spirit is very contagious, some might even say Lintagious (terrible). We at Astounde decided to put our brains together, have some pun, and create the ultimate Jeremy Lin word collection. Hope you enjoy it!

Self-Tying Shoes a Reality

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The flux capacitor, hoverboard, and self-tying shoes were all fantastic ideas stemming from the 1980′s silver screen trilogy ‘Back To The Future’. While it looks like we’re still a little ways away from time-travel, and are still working out the kinks on the hoverboard, the latter of the three aforementioned inventions has been kick-started into reality.

back to the future