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connectify dispatch

We’ve gotten to the point where the internet is almost everywhere. At work, at home or in public, the air is teeming with internet connections. There’s so many choices, yet only one lucky connection can be utilized at once: that is until now.

A Kickstarter creation allowing the average Joe to combine the awesome power of multiple internet connections has met it’s goal, and is under development as we speak. Connectify Dispatch aims to speed up our computers forever by intertwining technology available to us today.

The “connectify” brand name is definitely catchy and effectively gets the product offering’s point across, but another forward-thinking individual already identified the potential of the keyword, registering the domain name in 1998.

That didn’t deter founder Alex Gizis from still getting his hands on a trendy and recognizable domain name. He and his team decided to go with the .me, which is personal and flows well. .Me and has been gaining traction in the domaining community since it’s sunrise period in early 2008. was registered in 2009, confirming that Gizis has been working on the idea for a few years.

How does the concept work? Here’s a quick video from kickstarter where Alex Gizis breaks the idea down in a way most can understand.

Here’s some features from the companies website:

Connection aggregation technology: Use all of your Internet connections for their combined bandwidth. Dispatch supports all common Internet connection types, including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Ethernet, and Dial-up.

Analytics Dashboard: Detailed statistics and graphs show which Internet connections you are using, and how fast they really are.

Platform support: Windows 7, XP, and Vista (Also, Mac support if we reach the $250,000 stretch goal)

Cost-awareness: Set priorities for Internet connections so that more expensive connections like 3G/4G will only be used when cheap or free connections become slow or disconnect.

Aside from the obvious, what benefits can you see a technology like Connectify Dispatch offering to the world?

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