Crazy Twists on Skiing & Snowboarding

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dual snowboard

If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy snowboarding or skiing, it’s something you really need to try. The first two days won’t be without much pain, but if you can make it past those, you’re home free. Being on the mountain gets you thinking about potential alternatives, those can’t really be the only two possibilities right? A company called Dual Snowboards is trying to revolutionize the way we ride down the mountain.

The knock on snowboards over time has been the range of movement, or lack thereof. Your legs are tied down to one piece of wood, often making it difficult to make split second maneuvers. When faced with a flat surface, you’ve got to unstrap to keep the momentum moving. With the dual snowboard, you’ve able to smoothly walk and run while still strapped in. This device opens up a whole new world of potential tricks. Go forwards, go sideways, go backwards, no poles needed.

For those who like to skip the being strapped onto solid objects thing altogether have a couple of options. You’ve probably seen the ski bike on the mountain, but here’s a nice freestyle video showcasing some of the possibilities.

Another cool potential snowsport inspired by the fact that snowboards are tough to move on flat land is the powerboard. It’s a combo snow mobile and snowboard. It seems to be pretty bulky but the concept is great.

What do you think about the dual snowboard? How about the powerboard? Do they inspire any alternative ideas? Think you’ll give any of these a try?



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