The Cryoscope: Get a Feel for Weather Everywhere

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While apps and alarm clocks that predict the weather and help you prepare for a trip are convenient, who really likes guessing what that means to the body? Wouldn’t you rather just feel for yourself?

A young prodigy engineer and designer named Robb Godshaw is heading a project that changes the way we see, err feel, weather forecasts. Robb has a history of thinking outside the box, and his latest endeavor is no different. Godshaw has created an aluminum box with a metal haptic (touch) senor on top that is capable of duplicating temperatures in “the most extreme climates on Earth.” He is calling it the Cryoscope, and it can let you feel temperatures ranging from freezing to 108° fahrenheit.

The Cryoscope is compact and sleek looking. It’s a near perfect 5″ x 5″ x 5″, with a built in heat sink, cooling fan, and a ‘thermoelectric element’ that translates the desired temperature into the haptic contact surface on top. The surface texture and material is customizable, coming in a basic aluminum, a secondary bronze, and a premium silver version. Here’s a short video of Godshaw explaining the concept.

The device is controlled by an app in your phone, and has two main settings:
1- Thermal time shift- You choose the time of day or week you want to know the temperature of and give it a touch.
2- Thermal space shift- You choose the location, anywhere in the world, to get a current feel for what the weather is like. A nice bonus feature of thermal space shift setting is the ‘space mode’ where the rock at the top of the device gets ice cold as if it were in outer space.

The cryoscope has not yet been released. Godshaw is looking to to raise the estimated $80,000 to get the project running. He believes the first batch of cryoscope’s can be on the market in August of this year. You can get your cryoscope for only $300 by contributing to the cause.

The weather plays a huge role in our day to day lives and jobs. This device offers a new level of convenience and feel to predicting how our days will go. The current model will be popular as it’s a step up on what we’ve had, but if Godshaw is serious about the project, finding a way to convey wind and rain would be a fascinating upgrade.



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