Deaf Baby Receives Cochlear Implant, Hears Mothers Voice For First Time (VIDEO)

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A Miracle of Science and Technology

Cochlear implants are electronic hearing devices for people with profound deafness or severe hearing loss who get no benefit from a hearing aid. There is an external part that is worn behind the ear with a microphone that picks up sounds from the environment, a speech processor and a transmitter that gets signals from the processor and turns them into electric impulses. It is attached to a receiver and electrode system which is surgically implanted into the inner ear.

An implant does not restore normal hearing and is very different from a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sound so that damaged ears can hear them. Implants bypass the damage and directly stimulate the auditory nerve which then sends the signals to the brain.

An Understandably Emotional Reaction

When he was born, Jonathan Breaux was stricken with bacterial meningitis, an ailment that cost him his hearing. At eight months old, he received a cochlear implant that changed his world forever. Here’s his reaction.

That was nearly five years ago. Today, Jonathan is a healthy and happy five year old living a normal life.

Science and technology are working in perfect harmony, performing miracles previously reserved for only One Man.

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