December Domain Name Sales Report

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Our apologies for the delay in the monthly sales report for December. There were clearly way too many sweet sales to corral in a timely manner.

Overall, December was an incredible month for domain name sales. We saw one of the biggest sales of all time in, along with countless five and six figure deals. So without further adieu, here’s the best of the best and the jest., $2,450,000- With such a ginormous sale we had to dedicate an entire post to it., $875,000- This sale begs the question: what would you rather own? 1,700 pounds of silver, or, $250,000- Giving average photographer Joes and Josephinas the opportunity to get their material bought and seen by the world.

bill-nye-the-science-guy, $175,500- This domain is under privacy protection, but I think we all know who bought it., $118,000- The most basic and essential geometric figure. Lines have little to no width and depth; let’s hope this site doesn’t follow suit., $115,000- We were all thinking it., $57,500- The first trumpets appeared in 1500 BC. Now this brass instrument can toot it’s own horn about being one of the top musical domain sales ever., $17,500- Opinions are divided on whether or not bitcoins have any true value, but this strong .US sale points to yes., $13,760- If you’re going to buy a domain, it might as well be in the last month before that year.

And now it’s time to play guess that definition! Here’s a few ccTLD sales from December, match the English translations to their bizarre looking counterparts.

A. Nutzfahrzeugverkä, $5,240
B. Reiserü, $13,129
C., $6,769
D., $2,080
E., $6,550

1. Commercial Vehicle Seller
2. Travel Insurance
3. Slots
4. Shower Cabin
5. More Brands

December was great and January is looking promising. Check back next month to see what other internet real estate is exchanging hands.

Ron Jackson’s Domain Name Journal

(a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4, e-5)



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