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descriptive cam

With cameras going digital in the last decade or two, and with memory storage capabilities skyrocketing, people have been accumulating incomprehensible amounts of photos. Many of our photo collections are unorganized, leaving priceless moments unviewed and completely defeating the purpose of ever taking photos to begin with. A gentleman by the name of Matt Richardson has invented the ‘Descriptive Camera’, which prints a description of the photo taken in lieu of the normal picture we are accustomed to seeing. Could this innovation help us to more effectively preserve our memories?

We all understand the value of photos, especially with the $1 Billion Instagram acquisition by Facebook. Richardson has devised a way for your pictures to be instantly beamed over the internet to a person who will, for $1.25 per photo, study the photo and send you back a description within 6 minutes. On his website, Richardson points out the need for this technology because current cameras tell you seemingly everything: the date, time and location; except for what’s actually in the photo. The textual photo idea is just a prototype, and in it’s current form the technology is not too enthralling. That being said, it could have some wonderful future organizational applications if it can evolve correctly.

descriptive cameras

In order for this concept to catch on, we’re obviously going to need the camera to have the ability to describe the photo itself, not some random guy overseas. This is certainly possible; augmented reality is picking up speed, and facial recognition technology is more powerful than ever. The descriptive cam will also need to be able to seamlessly blend together the photo with it’s analyzed description. Waiting six minutes and paying $1.25 per photo just isn’t going to cut it. Once descriptive cameras can achieve these levels, we will have a revolutionary product. The ease of searching for similar photos with similar people taken years apart will be incredible. Imagine the applications for precision searches on Google Images?

How do you feel about the descriptive cam in it’s current and potentially future state?




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