Devium Dash, The Perfect CoPilot

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In the 21st century, we’re wired to multitask. Even behind the wheel, we’ll perform as many activities as possible while maintaining a crash risk above 50%. Besides eating and putting on make-up while driving, we want access to a worldwide library of music, we want to hear step by step directions instead of learning the local terrain, and we want to stay connected with friends. We also don’t like clutter. How is all of this possible?

What started off as a Kickstarter dream has quickly gained traction and garnered national attention. The Devium Dash is on the cusp of being released to the world this July. Just like a tape deck, the Devium Dash (~$350) is easily installed into almost any vehicle dashboard. Interchangeable faceplates allow Devium to harness the power of whatever phone you own, and convert it into the ultimate co-pilot. GPS, video, chat, radar detector, your contacts, your life; all mashed together in one easy to use display. No need to buy additional accessories, no need to learn a new interface, no need to use more than one hand.

Founder Paul Lizer thought of pretty much all the stops with his brainchild. The Devium Dash comes Bluetooth ready with a built in FM tuner and an additional auxiliary port. The device sports 4 x 50W power to your speakers, and also comes with 3 preamps running at 2V for the front, rear, and sub. If you thought that was nice, your phone automatically charges while docked in the Devium Dash, eliminating the need for an in-car charger.

This invention is cutting out many of the additional accessories that phone service providers and electronics companies have consistently hung their hats on for hefty additional profits. It will be interesting to see if the established players in the game devise a similar product (though the Devium Dash is patent-pending), or if Devium receives some substantial buy-out offers. Could we see Devium partner with a major auto manufacturer to become a standard feature in a particular vehicle line?

Technology is rapidly evolving with our multitasking tastes, and nowhere is this more evident than within the automobile. 21st century vehicles are coming off the line with iConnections in headrests and beyond, and we’re nearing total connectivity and synchronization.

Every gadget, feature and service we know is being condensed, becoming thinner and easier to transport. Devium is in a nice spot today, but it will be interesting to see how they keep up with the constantly evolving smartphone market, whether it be through strategic partnerships, or by embracing alternative avenues.




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