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If you haven’t heard of the incredible opportunities that haptics offers us, then prepare to have your mind blown. Haptics essentially enables us to transmit touch via the internet, much the same way we currently transmit sound and sight. Some of the top companies in the world such as Apple are working to bring haptics to their product lines as soon as possible.

Disney in particular is working to bring us a new dimension in haptic technology. Here’s some info from the Disney website:

“Touché is a new sensing technology that proposes a novel Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that can not only detect a touch event, but simultaneously recognize complex configurations of the human hands and body during touch interaction. This allows to significantly enhances touch interaction in a broad range of applications, from enhancing conventional touchscreens to designing interaction scenarios for unique use contexts and materials. For example, in our explorations we added complex touch and gesture sensitivity not only to computing devices and everyday objects, but also to the human body and liquids. Importantly, instrumenting objects and material with touch sensitivity is easy and straightforward: a single wire is sufficient to make objects and environments touch and gesture sensitive.”

Check out this sweet video below.

Where do you think this technology could lead us?

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