Domain Registrar Now Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

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Want to buy domain names or web hosting but only have a (virtual) pocket full of change?

You’re in luck! Alexa top 1,000 website and ICANN accredited registrar is now accepting crypto-currency as a legitimate form of payment, putting it on par with PayPal, Google CheckOut, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Why did ‘cheap make the leap?

Here’s why, directly from the horses mouth:

Namecheap is a customer-focused domain name registrar and web host. For months, Bitcoin has been requested of Namecheap among the tech audience. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve listened to your feedback.

Namecheap continues to innovate and respond to threats and challenges in the online space. In the last 13 months, we donated over $100,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to support online freedom. We consider ourselves the pioneers in the space in innovation and freedom.

Bitcoin has not been without its share of criticism, but the unregulated digital currency has sure come a long way since its inception in 2009. One bitcoin is now worth an astonishing $36, an all-time high.

With a limited supply, who knows where the controversial currency will go from here.

NameCheap via Morgan Linton



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