E-Bikes Fast Becoming Smarter Than Cars

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With gas prices at an all time high, people are scrapping their gas guzzlers for more eco-friendly bicycles. It’s tough to beat the dual benefits of toned legs and a rested wallet. While many consider riding a bike to be a smart move, there aren’t too many smart bicycles out there. A slew of big name companies are working tirelessly to change the way we get from A to B.

The electric bicycle market has been steadily rising over the last several years. There is a huge opportunity for companies that can get the concept right. Daimler-Chrysler, maker of the Smart car, has created an ultra efficient smart bike to aid inter-city travelers. The coolest part of their design is that energy is harvested from the brakes, and fed back into the battery and reused! It also has a USB to charge your phone, while ranging up to 62 miles.

A company with more cash than Scrooge McDuck is an unlikely player in the smart bike industry. Apple seems to be able to accomplish anything they want. In 2010, they filed a patent for an e-bike that works hand in hand with your iPhone. This bikes’ major offering is that it will enable full synchronization of the rider and his transport device. Not only will you get up to the second trip stats and terrain information, the ‘iBike’ will enable instant communication with your riding buddies. Anything you could ever want to know about your trip including weather, obstacle and heart rate data will be relayed to you with peak efficiency.

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Audi is one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world, and their initial vehicle quality and business model are second to none. Sensing an opportunity in the market, the Germans have introduced us to their version of the e-bike. This may be the sleekest and most luxurious e-bicycle on the road today. Not only does it have an ultra chic look, it weighs in at an amazing 46 pounds with the electric motor. This smart bicycle is built to perform; topping out at 50 miles per hour. It allows you to show off around town with five flexible cruise modes. Turn heads while handling the load yourself, letting the bike do the driving, combining the two, or tapping into stability mode, which lets you ride around on one wheel! The best part? This electric bike won’t ride unless activated by your phone.

The E-bicycle is nothing new, but the capabilities of electric bikes are changing and improving daily. Syncing your green ride to your do everything smart phone is introducing us to a new way of travel. These e-bikes aren’t cheap, but the savings on gas and the environment, coupled with the flexibility of parking nearly anywhere, more than makes up for the initial financial burden. Soon you’ll be turning as many heads on a slick new e-bike as you can in a traditional hot rod. It’s only a matter of time before these green bikes are able to steer and brake themselves.



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  • Maven


    I can see this really taking off; including with the older retired crowd. Add a basket and you can make your grocery run. I am wondering about the parking though, Will it fit in the standard bike racks, also, can parts be stolen or is that pointless due to the required phone activation. Does it come with snow tires and a heated seat? This is a great fair weather alternative to the automobile plus, who wants to go out when it is cold any way?


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