E-Ink Case Gives Your iPhone 5 a Permanent Second Screen

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A customizable, nearly indestructible iPhone 5 case that gives you a tireless second screen on the back of your phone.

Astounde covered the Swiss Army Knife phone case just last week, and it already has some competition for the title of your phone’s bodyguard. The PopSlate E-Ink second screen case can be yours on Indiegogo for $99 right now.

Similar to the screen on the original Kindle, this e-ink beauty is always on, “will not affect your phone’s battery life”, and is immune to the sun’s rays.

PopSlate wants to give you the convenience of “Popping” anything you need quick access to on the back of your screen: sports scores, your daily calendar, directions, lists, maps, notes, photos; all the while only using a tiny sliver of energy when you change out the image.

The PopSlate case allows you to cycle through images you’ve taken yourself or stolen from the internet directly from the second screen, which is comprised of a plastic substrate and laminated. While the cool new case only displays images in black in white, the founders say they “hope to add color screens in early 2014.”

Can’t wait to get a PopSlate? Just fork over $99 and it’ll be yours in June of 2013.

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