Eggs Made From Plants Could Revolutionize Global Diets

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Eggs Without Egg

In one of the all-time great oxymorons, a radical new form of sustainable food, authentic replica eggs comprised entirely of plants, may soon alter global diets.

While it sounds bizarre, the concoction, cooked up by a team of 19 scientific and culinary minds at a company called Hampton Creek Foods, may end up being 19 percent cheaper than regular eggs, have a longer shelf life and provide greater health benefits than our current embryonic allies.

Beyond Eggs

Led by CEO Josh Tetrick, Hampton Creek’s signature product has been dubbed “Beyond Eggs”. Beyond Eggs is the result of 344 prototypes from 287 different types of plants including peas, sunflower lecithin, canola, and natural gums.

The team finally has what they think is the perfect egg alternative, offering the same texture, behavioral traits and most importantly, taste of normal eggs. The similarities are so great that Bill Gates, an indirect investor in the company, couldn’t tell the difference between bread baked using the “plant eggs”.


Scrambled Eggs Made From Plants

Beyond Eggs are vegan, gluten free and cholesterol free. Considering that over 75 billion eggs are consumed in the U.S. every year, Beyond Eggs would be a pretty significant achievement, and an incredible dietary breakthrough.

Moving Forward

This invention is potentially significant due to rising global food demands and environmental strains, as well as the inhumane conditions of the egg industry.

Where Can I Snag Some?

Hampton Creek aims to sell Beyond Eggs to food manufacturers instead of directly to consumers. It’s not farfetched to think we’ll soon be grubbing down on familiar pastry, sauce or noodle recipes based with “Plant Eggs” without even realizing it.

For more check out: Hampton Creek Foods via GigaOM



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