Flossing With Just Air And Water

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The AirFloss from Sonicare

Besides this guy, no one likes to floss.

Could this be the solution?

The Sonicare AirFloss claims to be able to remove 99% of plaque that your toothbrush can’t reach in under 60 seconds.

The concept is simple, just fill up your AirFloss with water or mouthwash and stick it in between the gaps in your teeth. Hit the button and a quick burst shoots microdroplets of water accelerated by pressurized air into the crevaces, disrupting and removing plaque in-between teeth. The speed and force of the droplets are both easy on the gums and effective in emulating floss.

Philips, the company behind the innovation, claims that 69% of people surveyed prefer it to regular floss, and 86% said it was easier than flossing.

Do you plan on giving the AirFloss a burst?




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