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kitchen gadgets

Everyone loves to eat. If you love to eat, often times you’ll find you have to cook. Cooking isn’t generally associated with being much fun. With these futuristic gadgets, though, you’ll want to strap on the apron and hit the kitchen.

Blast Chiller

The microwave is great because it can turn the freezing cold into steamy hot in just minutes, but what about the opposite? The blast chiller will take your depressingly hot soda or beer and make it as cold as the rockies in just five minutes. The method is unorthodox, but it gets the job done.

Cup Grater

Cheese graters can be messy and inefficient. They’re hard to clean and much cheese is lost, which can put a damper on even the most succulent of lasagnas. The cup grater addresses all of these issues, providing a perfect compartment to store your prized quesos.

cup grater

Instant Hot Plate

Are you a slow eater who often finds your food getting cold? Having to make frequent annoying trips to the microwave? Then the Hot Plate Plate is for you! Just stick it in the microwave for a minute before eating and enjoy thirty minutes of pipin’ hot, delicious action. Best of all, the plate uses no toxic materials, meaning no sicknesses or mutations!

Trap Door Colander

Tired of spilling gourmet food everywhere?

Self Heating Coffee Mug

Cold coffee is bad. The Burning Cup can reheat your caffeinated beverage with the touch of a button. No electricity required. The mug works by using sodium acetate, a solid when cold and a liquid when hot. The press of a button on the mug will activate the sodium acetate and provide you with a walk-to-the-microwave-free heating.

These innovations are making cooking exciting again. What has helped you keep things fresh in the kitchen?



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