Ghost Pixel Visuals at Rowdytown: “Were Coming For Your Eyeballs”

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Courtesy of Ghost Pixel Visuals

Musicians Big Gigantic and Light Artists Ghost Pixel Visuals have teamed up to transform Red Rocks into Rowdytown, an unparalleled adventure in audio visual production that the Rowdytown crew promises will be “a visual experience like you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!”

Let the rowdiness ensue. A crisp fall Saturday night in Colorado promises to unleash a groundbreaking collaboration; consider it a stepping stone for the future of multi-sensory stimulation in live music. With 140,000 lumens, seven 20k projectors, and a natural 200 x 500 feet canvas, Ghost Pixel comes fully prepared with some face melting visuals. Rowdytown promises to be as Big and Gigantic as it can get: this will be the first time that any artist has utilized projection mapping in Red Rocks history!

After an exclusive interview with Tom Ludlow, Brian Long, and John Camalick of Ghost Pixel Visuals, I can guarantee you that these audio-visual magicians are just as excited as their fans for this game-changing, sold out event.

According to Ludlow, the founder of the company, the concept of Ghost Pixel all began one night at a Red Rocks show. This will also be the first show that Big Gigantic has ever headlined at Red Rocks. Considering that Ghost Pixel is based in Denver, while Big Gigantic hails from Boulder, it almost seems like fate. According to Ludlow, “it just makes sense. We are the best fit, and we are ready to push the limits of our technology to perform in one of the greatest venues in the world.”



Courtesy of Red Rocks

The Rowdytown hype is well deserved. The event combines an epic lineup, unparalleled large-scale innovation, projection mapping (plus some groovy velociraptors, shhh), and 3000 blow-up saxophones guarantee to provide an unforgettable final night of electronic music this Red Rocks season.

“My goal is to see someone just fall over (and not get hurt). I would be so happy; I would know that we have succeeded in our mission.” -Tom Ludlow, Founder of Ghost Pixel.



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