GPS Smart Cane: Blingin’ Navigation For Old People

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Courtesy of Fujitsu

We all know old people have no idea how to operate smart phones. We also know that they shouldn’t be behind the wheel, that can be dangerous.

Fujitsu thought of these two facts, and created the ideal solution: a GPS smart cane that’s both easy to use and efficient in getting grandpa from point A to B.

Like many forms of technology today, the GPS walking stick comes loaded with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. An LED screen shows large arrows that point in the direction the owner needs to walk. A red exclamation point will alert you when it’s time to make a turn.

As if that wasn’t enough, the blingin’ e-cane has a built-in thumb reader that will ship vital information to friends, family or doctors. The smart cane can alert emergency services and send an ambulance to the scene if things get out of whack.

This feature loaded balance keeper also packs a step counter, along with temperature and humidity gauges.

Fujitsu has yet to announce pricing or a release date, but they’ve assured us that we will see this on the market sometime soon.

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