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The Go!Scan 3D Scanner

3D Printing is all the rage, but without a sweet scanner, your printed creations will be forever lacking.

If you’ve got $25,000 laying around, the Go!SCAN 3D scanner offers lightning quick 3D scanning, up to 10x quicker than competitors in fact.

It’s portable and lightweight, weighing in at only 2.4 lbs and coming with a convenient carrying case.

It’s made for even the most inexperienced user; set-up takes less than two minutes.

The LED scanner creates an instant, detailed CAD file in your computer ready to be printed.

Scan and recreate parts, toys or sculptures with ease, it’s almost magical.

At this price point, the Go!SCAN 3D isn’t for everyone, but it’s not difficult to imagine this becoming more affordable and commercialized incredibly soon.

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