Harvard Neurosurgeon Claims Proof Of Heaven

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It’s the eternal debate; where does the human soul go after we die? This isn’t about religious denominations, this is about the two main contingencies on the matter. Do we go to Heaven or Hell, or is life a random occurrence that took billions of years to manifest?

Harvard Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander nearly died in 2008 after an E. Coli Meningitis infection maliciously attacked his brain. As a result of the outbreak, Dr. Alexander’s cerebral cortex, the part of the brain attributed to memory, attention, awareness, thought and understanding, was shut down, a claim verified by a brain scan. Needless to say he was in a coma, barely alive by any stretch of the imagination.



Now four years later, Dr. Alexander is living a normal, healthy life and is back practicing as a neurosurgeon. How did he come so far after life as he knew it was in such jeopardy? Dr. Eben Alexander tells the story.

“If you would have asked me before my coma, How much will someone who is in coma for a week with a bacterial meningitis so severe that the sugar level around my brain, normally around 60-80 and in a bad meningitis maybe down to 20; in my case it went down to 1, to me, that’s just one piece of evidence of how severe this was.”

“If you’d ask me how much would that patient would remember, I’d say nothing, they wouldn’t remember a single thing. The severity of the meningitis would have prevented dreams, hallucinations, confabulations, because those things all require a fairly coordinated amount of cortex.”

But Dr. Alexander’s experience was not devoid of confabulations, in fact, he claims to have experienced something outside of himself altogether.

“My first memories from when I was deep inside: I had no language, all my earthly memories were gone. I had no body awareness at all. I was just a speck of awareness in kind of a dark, murky environment, in roots or vessels or something. And I seemed to be there for a very long time, I would say years.”


“I was rescued by this beautiful, spinning, white light that had a melody, an incredibly beautiful melody with it that opened up into a bright valley, an extremely verdant valley with blossoming flowers and a just incredible, rich, ultra-real world of indescribable complexity.”

Dr. Alexander describes a woman sort of soaring into his vision, whisking him into time and space and delivering a message.

“She looked at me, and this was with no words, but the concepts came straight into mind: You are love; you are cherished; there’s nothing you have to fear; there’s nothing you can do wrong,”

Alexander describes understanding the presence of God because he inexplicably felt an incredible presence of love. “It was all of eternity and all of conscious existence, but it was this brilliant orb of light that was almost as necessary as a translator to bring in that message from the divine and the incredible.”

Dr. Alexander is scientifically certain that his stricken brain could never have produced the images and ideas he experienced, and especially not remembered them.  Not only that, he made a full recovery from what medicine dictated would leave him brain damaged for the rest of his life.

What makes the story even eerier is that after the event, Dr. Eben Alexander, who was adopted, saw for the first time a picture of his biological sister that had passed years prior and he immediately recognized her.

“I looked up at that picture on my dresser that I had just got and I knew who my guardian angel was. It is the most profound experience I’ve ever had in this life.”

What’s remarkable about this story is not only the source, an esteemed Harvard Doctor, but the fact that a very similar experience has been described by a number of individuals before him. Contrast Dr. Alexander’s story with that of Mickey Robinson below.

It’s obviously impossible to definitively answer a question that only the dead know for sure, and that’s why God and religion are such polarizing topics. It’s still fun to speculate on, and amazing that numerous people from all walks of life that have faced death report some type of similar out of body experience.

Dr. Alexander concludes by saying,

“For me, it’s become clear that the best way to look at it is to turn it around and realize that consciousness exists in a much richer form, free and independent of the brain, which has everything to do with the eternity of our souls and the fact that our awareness, our consciousness, our soul, our spirit, does not depend on the existence of the brain in the physical universe. In fact, it’s freed up to a much richer knowing when we’re outside.”

That’s his opinion, we obviously all have ours. If you’re intrigued by his story, there’s actually a piece about Dr. Alexander’s experience on ABC Nightline at 11:45 EST tonight (10/25).




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