Highless Marijuana Perfect For Medicinal Purposes

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Highless Marijuana

Though controversial, marijuana or cannabis has been scientifically shown to possess curative properties. In many parts of the world, cannabis is being utilized to treat Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and many forms of cancer.

Cannabis is a complex organism consisting of a number of cannabinoids. The most popular cannabinoid, THC, is responsible for producing the high feeling after ingestion. THC is the primary reason that the plant is often abused. By extension, it is also the reason why marijuana abusers would need marijuana dependence treatment.

Truly ill patients who suffer from extreme pain without medical marijuana have often complained that the high feeling generated by THC generates unwanted side effects such as drowsiness and decreased productivity.

Though the studies are still in their preliminary stages, scientists in Israel are honing in on other individual cannabinoids to pinpoint those most effective at easing pain and reducing inflammation for patients. One such cannabinoid, the aptly named Cannabidiol (CBD), has displayed some incredibly useful properties.

Researchers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have successfully isolated both CBD and THC from the cannabis plant and produced a new strain of cannabis, a highless marijuana, that gives users the medical benefits while allowing them to keep their feet on the ground. These new marijuana strains have the lowest concentration of THC ever recorded.

An anonymous patient said of the breakthrough, “It’s a huge advantage, I can smoke during the day, function with a lot less pain and still be focused, work and drive. It is a great gift.”

The highless, CBD enriched marijuana has shown to be very successful on mice, with human clinical trials on the horizon. Professor Ruth Gallily, who has been studying CBD for over 12 years, says that, “The cannabis plant, enriched with CBD, can be used for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes with no know side effects.”

It will certainly be interesting to see where this research goes in the coming years. Breaking down organisms to their basic forms, using what we need and eliminating what we don’t could lead to many other incredible medical breakthroughs in the future.

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  • Owik303


    This fine article points out the hidden story behind the world of medicinal marijuana that many out side of the biopharma world do not understand. Nearly, if not every medicine on the market today from Ibuprofen to the best chemotherapy agents were obtained through a similar process as described in the last paragraph. The reason why people are smoking a dried plant for a ‘crude’ treatment of advanced diseases is because big pharma has lobbied to prevent the isolation, characterization and synthesization of the medically applicable compounds found within MM. This is because the industry sees this as a threat to their bottom line, it costs billions to develop and get a drug approved by the FDA. Yet similar and sometimes better treatment can come from a readily available plant than a billion dollar drug, even worse you cant patent a compound that occurs naturally like in MM, there for there are marginally no profits to be made in developing a novel FDA approved drug from compounds within MM. Even if these scientists were to produce the perfect MM, their research would be bought and shut down by a phrma company who drug is competing with their perfect MM. Its a sad reality and congruently the explanation for a non existent bio fuel industry.


  • Observer


    Too bad corporations do not live by the golden rule, there is always a way to benefit from doing the right thing; even if it is only an intrinsic benefit.


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