Hot Tub Boat

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Hot Tub Boat

What do you do when you can’t afford a yacht, but enjoy hot tubs and floating around in a large body of water? Well up until this year, there wasn’t much. But now, you can buy a hot tub boat.

How is it powered? A small electric motor.

How do you steer? Remote steering for control from inside the tub or on the mini-deck.

How big is it? 15′ x 16′, the tub itself is 4′ x 8′

How hot does the tub get? Up to 104 degrees fahrenheit.

How does it stay so hot? A small, diesel fired boiler.

Max number of people at once? 6

Anything else cool? On-board beverage cooler and dry storage area.

How do I get my hands on one? Contact

What’s it gonna cost me? Currently Unknown.

When can we expect one? Summer 2012.

Can’t afford a yacht, hot tub, or hot tub boat? Check out one of these TugTub’s. You can either pull it behind a friends boat, mooch off a stranger’s boat, or just float around uncontrollably. You can’t adjust the temperature or feel jets on your feet, but you’ll still get the attention of anyone around.

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  • Mike


    Is there an iPod docking station on the hot tub boat? Built in speakers? Cruise control, NAV, DVD??


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