Ice Jacket Bottle Chiller

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bottle chiller

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You’ve probably seen those steezy frozen shot glasses or mugs at friendly gatherings, but unfortunately science makes their use short-lived.

Frozen H2O is fun though; isn’t there a better way to incorporate ice into our evenings?

From the department of chill accessories comes the older and more sophisticated cousin to the frozen shot glass, the Ice Jacket.

Poppin’ bottles has never been cooler than with the Ice Jacket polypropylene sleeve. Installation is easy; just encase your friendly fifth, fill it up and let it freeze. Take the sleeve off and your favorite bottle stays icy cool for hours.

If you’re concerned about slippage, an attached base-grip lets you dish out beverages one-handed. A removable bottom portion even acts as a drip absorbing coaster.

Bottle chiller

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The founders have thought of everything, including incorporating a list of acceptable bottles that’ll work seamlessly with their product.

The Ice Jacket is sure to freeze your guests in amazement.




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