In All-Time Largest Sports Domain Name Sale, Sells For $1.2 Million

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Astounde had the privilege to speak to Rockies owner Dick Monfort in mid-2012, and we asked Mr. Monfort why the Rockies were one of only five MLB team that didn’t own the .com of their team name.

Mr. Monfort informed us that it wasn’t up to him, that Major League Baseball owned all of the league’s internet properties, including, and it would be up to them to acquire it. Now, six months later, they finally have.


Baseball America has altered their initial report, now saying the actual sales price of was confidential. Forbes and NBC among others similarly covered the story of the $1.2 million sale, but now the exact number is up in the air.

Rick Schwartz, one of the most well-known and respected names in the domain industry said of the retraction:

“I DO think the domain sold for a number very close to that. The REASON the guy denied the price was a simple one. He does not want to have to pay that number to other transactions he is negotiating on. So there is a HUGE motive. If it was even $1 difference, his claim is technically right. Sometimes you gotta read between the lines.”

Here is the rest of our original story that we had posted per Baseball America’s initial report:

In the largest sports-related domain name sale of all time, changed hands for $1.2 million. Up until today, the most money Major League Baseball had ever pitched out for a domain name was $200,000 for in 2010!

As you may have previously noticed by trying to access, the site had been an online Canadian tourism hub promoting the Rocky Mountains.

Major League Baseball now owns 26 of the league’s 30 .com team domain names, with the Rays, Giants, Rangers and Twins being the only exceptions.

In this digital era we find ourselves in, brand protection is not only important for customer service and satisfaction, it’s also a vital means towards controlling and preserving your image, as some people have to learn the hard way. This acquisition will undoubtedly pay supreme dividends for both Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies franchise for years to come.

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