July Domain Name Sales Report

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Some big time domains exchanged hands this month for some big time prices. The seven figure sale of Denver.com sent shockwaves throughout the industry. YG.com, Metal.com and CricketScore.com all sold in July for six figure sums. Here’s a summary of this month’s action.

The Big Dogs

Denver.com, undisclosed seven figure amount- Peter Niederman, CEO of Kentwood Real Estate was the buyer. Niederman led Kentwood to over $1 Billion in residential real estate transactions last year. The name was a bargain considering the opportunities it presents. Niederman said of the deal, “I viewed the purchase of Denver.com as a unique and historic opportunity. To acquire the intuitive Internet brand of a world-class city like Denver is very rare.” The name should go great with a couple of Niederman’s other assets: Boulder.com and DenverRealEstate.com.

YG.com, $125,000- Two letter dot coms are extremely rare and incredibly valuable. It looks like the theme the new buyer has in mind is youth groups. The current landing page features links to fundraisers, games, and mission trips. It looks to be a great sale for a great cause.

Metal.com, $140,000- This common term exchanged hands at a loss to the owner who paid $165,000 for the asset back in 2010. Still a solid sale though. The buyer appears to be based in China, and there is no word yet as to what he/she intends to use the domain for.

what is cricket

CricketScore.com, $118,000- Despite most Americans having no idea what Cricket is, it’s still one of the more popular sports in the world. Cricket fans demand the latest scores, which gives this domain signifcant value.

Best of the rest

Circumcision.com, $45,000- The site looks to be a lead generation site for a mohel. Actually it points to intactamerica.org. If you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s an anti-circumcision site.

Hipsters.com, $28,500- Astounde interviewed a few hipsters following this transaction, and they informed us that they didn’t care about the sale.


Gr.ee, $25,833- .ee is the official ccTLD of Estonia. It’s tough to find domain names with four total characters, and this name brought all the chili because of that fact. Gree-corp.com seems to be the buyer, and they are “a leading mobile social gaming network worldwide with a reach of over 140 million users.”

Sugar.co, $30,000- The domain was sold to the infamous A.S.D.C.T. or the American Society for the Detriment of Children’s Teeth. Actually the buyer was SugarInc.com, a “thriving digital commerce, original content and global media company.”

Cashless.com, $20,000- This domain ironically describes the buyer post-purchase.

GoedkopeZorgverzekering.nl, $7,563- Gibberish to some, cheap health insurance to the Dutch.

Mafia.to, $4,840- .to is the official ccTLD of the island of Tonga. The site will become the official site of the mafia, and provide them with a connected forum to discuss current events and schedule upcoming hits.

lebron james art

HeatArt.co.uk, $4,345- Rumor has it the site will be used to showcase British people drawing pictures of LeBron James.

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