June Domain Name Sales Report

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domain name sales

June was a pretty good month for domain name sales. There were three six figure deals to go along with countless five figure sales. The top transactions included some speculative investments, some URL shorteners, some bargains and some reaches. Here are some of the top June domain sales from around the world, with a little bit of research on who the buyer is, and what their plans might be.

FO.com, $245,000- This domain was picked up by Fashion One, a self-described “cutting-edge global television network, which focuses on the synergy between lifestyle, travel, entertainment, film and fashion.” Two letter dot coms are very rare, and this acquisition seemed like the trendy thing to do for Fashion One.

BJ.com, $325,000: One of the most popular two letter acronyms due to it’s versatility. BJ can stand for anything from Blackjack, Beijing and Blue Jeans to Billy Joel and Bon Jovi. The domain sold to Swiss Company Finlead AG, a domain investment firm that owns such gems as Season.com, Blonde.com, Fired.com and Hear.com.


Online-Casino.de, $144,900: The 2nd largest ccTLD (country code top level domain) sale of the year to Saturn.pl which went for $189,930. Dot de is the official ccTLD of Germany, and it’s one of the most popular extensions in the world. It’s rare for a hyphenated domain to bring such a hefty amount, especially considering that the buyer doesn’t appear to own the unhyphenated version.

Gamble.net, $46,125- The site’s landing page says, “This website will feature gambling and casino information for popular games played worldwide. It will include the latest about casinos and casino games, as well as the latest trends to keep players informed and up to date with the most helpful and accurate information.” Gambling is popular worldwide, and so are gambling domain names.

Set.TV, $29,000- .TV is the official ccTLD of Tuvalu, but has obvious appeal to anyone in the television industry. Although no information about the buyer is available, the smart money is on Sony. SET is an acronym for Sony Entertainment Television, and Sony seems to be affiliated with SetIndia.com, SetTV.co.za, and SetAsia.TV.

Hugg.me, $25,001- Dot me has been a strong buy as of late. This purchase was a curious one, though, because Hug.me is currently listed for sale for just $20,000, a bargain by comparison. This sale edged out Message.me for top .me sale of the month by $1. Hugg.me currently features a coming soon message on the homepage. Could the buyer perhaps be affiliated with Hugg.com or HuggMe.com?

june domain sales

Sell.it, $25,000- Dot it is the official ccTLD of Italy. In this particular case, it looks like it’s being used as a domain hack for the term ‘sell it’. This was a strong ccTLD purchase because everyone has something to sell, and this domain stands out in a crowd.

Raw.co.uk, $23,250- .co.uk is the official ccTLD of the United Kingdom. It looks like this domain was purchased as a shortener by RawTelevision.co.uk, as it now forwards to that site.

Studio.org, $20,000- A nice sale that goes great with the extension. The Domain Tools WhoIs says the domain is now owned by LoftWork.com, which is a “global open platform for creative talents.” Could this be a rebranding effort on their part?

June started the summer off right with some nice domain names exchanging hands. Can we expect to see some even hotter sales in July?




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