Kinect Fusion Lets You Build Detailed 3D Models Of Anything

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Kinect Fusion

Microsoft showcased their Kinect 2.0 technology at TechFest in Redmond, Washington this week.

The coolest feature? It can generate near instant 3D models of anything you can think of.

Every gamer can only hope that once an object is scanned into the virtual world, it can then be playable in our favorite games.

Kinect Fusion

Kinect Fusion gathers depth data from your Kinect, and from the sequence of frames, constructs a highly detailed 3-D map of objects or environments. The tool can read hundreds or even thousands of frames to create a rich level of detail.

“The amazing thing about this solution is how you can take an off-the-shelf Kinect sensor and create 3-D models rapidly,” said Shahram Izadi, senior researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

“Kinect Fusion opens up a wide range of development possibilities—everything from gaming and augmented reality to industrial design. “

Fusion via IEEE



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