LaFerrari: Fastest Ferrari Ever, And It’s A Hybrid

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The Geneva International Motor Show 2013 kicked off this week and while there were many jaw-dropping rides unveiled, one seemed to stand out and send shockwaves throughout the globe.

LaFerrari Hybrid

Weighing in at an incredibly light 2,800 pounds, the Ferrari LaFerrari (say that five times fast) is actually a 963 horsepower hybrid, toting a 132 pound lithium-ion battery from Samsung.

The 6.3-liter V12 engine can go from a standstill to 62 miles per hour in a blistering three seconds, and to 124 mph in under seven. It’s rumored to top out at around 217 mph.

This rocket ship features a battery that recharges itself through regenerative braking and excess torque distribution.


The LaFerrari is being limited to a production run of 499. Each will cost their owner an anticipated $1.5 million. Ready to write a check? Think again. Every single edition is already accounted for.

As if the speed and rarity wasn’t enough, each and every chassis is hand built from four different kinds of carbon fiber and Kevlar.




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