MechBass: The Robotic Bass Guitar Player

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The perfect bass player: stays in tune, always on time, doesn’t get drunk.

Using 3D printing technology and an incredible amount of creativity, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand student James McVay has brought us the bass player of the future. His robotic creation can shred tunes that no ten-digited human could ever dream of.

Robotic Bass Guitar

McVay called his musical Frankenstein the MechBass, and it’s loaded with some righteous features producing a beautiful cacophony of harmonic gold.

Some of the notable features of the robotic guitarist are an Arduino-compatible board that controls the plucking, fretting and damping of the bass strings, three power supplies totalling 750 W, optical pick-up, epper motor for each pickwheel and a servo which can make it pivot to adjust the volume. Check out the MechBass performing Hysteria by Muse below.

Robo Musicians

While this certainly isn’t the first robo-musician we’ve seen, it’s definitely one of the coolest. For your auditory pleasure, here’s another robo-video of Eric Singer’s GuitarBot from a few years back. It’s long but the good stuff is right at the beginning.

Victoria University of Wellington via Hackaday



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