Microsoft Tablet, New iPad and Why You Should Wait to Buy

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The internet has been abuzz over a secretive June 18th event taking place at 3:30 PM in Los Angeles. The Wrap believes that this event will be to showcase a new Microsoft product in a realm that have astonishingly yet to delve into; a tablet computer.

Microsoft, innovators of the personal computer, have been notably absent from the 202nd decade’s trend of flat, handheld computers. Meanwhile Apple, who has already released three versions of the iPad since 2010, is sitting pretty with a 67 million unit head start on CEO Steve Ballmer and Microsoft.

While the iPad’s CPU, memory, display and dimensions have improved each year, there haven’t been any major leaps towards the nuttier sci-fi breakthroughs we’ve been waiting for. Barring any sensational top secret advancement by Microsoft, their product won’t be much different either.

If you have yet to purchase a tablet, or are still holding onto a first generation model, now may the perfect time to tame your insatiable desires. If you somehow stop yourself, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with some truly revolutionary technology.

Flexible screens and sensationally futuristic features are going to be all the rage, and we’re so close we can almost touch them. Samsung has a flexible AMOLED (active-matrix organic light emitting diode, say that ten times fast) screen called ‘Youm’ that is on the brink. Samsung IR VP Robert Yi said “We are looking to introduce (the flexible display) sometime in 2012.” Here’s their concept video from late 2011 that is not too far off from what we’ll be getting soon.

LG is focusing on more e-books with their flexible display technology. Their Electronic Paper Display has already been unveiled in Europe. The futuristic information source features a six’ with a 1,024×768 pixels resolution. It’s incredibly thin, and can bend at a range of 40 degrees from the center of the screen.

Finally just this week, Corning, the company that already makes glass for Apple and Samsung products announced their latest creation, Willow Glass, that is actually rolled up like paper or cloth! Corning CFO James Flaws said “There’s a revolution coming in new types of displays.” Willow Glass will usher in a major overhaul to electronic manufacturing as we know it, and should be out in early 2013.

With sleeker, thinner and more stylish designs en route, we’re going to see the implementation of some mind-blowing technology. Haptics will enable buttons and textures to rise from the screen. Augmented reality will let you see the world through the eyes of a supercomputer. 3D video and projection will let you truly relive some of your life’s most cherished moments. While the idea of carrying a computer in your backpack is cool today, the tablets of the next year are the ones that will deliver the sci-fi fantasies we’ve been longing for.



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